Do you smell that taste?
Do you taste that smell?

Did you see that place, you've never been before?
Did you hear that and did it give you unrecognizable memories?
It's lost on most of us, though most can see,
Past their eyesight.
If only for a glance.

Did you feel deja-vu from that knife in your back?
Did I feel remorse when I struck and stuck it in?

The horses will lead my way in my head.
While my feet won't actually do.
Tuckered out since I've never done anything.
My idle hands will bite my nails again.

I only have to be extraordinary to leave this city.
In a place where extra ordinary is too common.
I'll die the day I accept your pity.
But as weak as I am, it's soothing to know you feel it for me.
Don't look my direction, I can't bare it.

Were you at one with that foreign land?
Were you at one with me?
Any place seems better until the oppurtunity is seized.