As a young man, Aaron Gottfried began his artful expression through poetry. He then came to the decision to sing. After studying vocal technique with Brian Vollmer (Helix), Aaron set out to join a band and express himself. After a string of unsatisfying band endeavors he took some time for himself to explore other interests such as writing, psychology and acting. This realm of diverse outlets would all be based around Aaron’s interest in philosophy.

In 2006, Aaron joined forces with BD Gottfried, lending his talents as a session singer. Joining a band with ample experience, playing with the likes of Breen LaBeoeuf (April Wine) and Pino Palladino (Pete Townsend), to name a few, expanded Aaron's repertoire and abilities. He soon moved from back up singer to headlining on his own songs. After only his third recorded song, Aaron's “Automatic Automaton” found itself firmly entrenched on college radio top ten lists. BD Gottfried and Aaron have released 4 albums to date, garnering rave reviews and generous spins on both college and commercial radio.

After establishing an outlet for his music Aaron turned again to the steadfast companion of ink and paper. Aaron Gottfried recently released his first book, an autobiography, titled: “The Psychiatrist Who Cured The Scientologist.” This stripped-bare and honest account delves into the war between two institutions both fighting for the mind of a young man.

Aaron is currently devoting his time to his music and his writing, hard at work on a fifth album and a second book.