She was distant from me that night.
Nothing could sit right.
I sat up and thought of something.
At the time seemed worthy, would then flee.

I once could see clear in the swamp.
The swamp is now that.
My water, giver of life is toxic.
I drink to live and die.

Steep steps on which I stomp.
Cement chips away like my existence.
The railing is support like a train.
My hand slips from the rain.

The alley amplifies my scream,
before i'm knocked out I pretend it's a dream.
I lay, teeth burning my skin
The grind takes my soul, the burning takes it role.

You get down from your high my young!
Put your head down, sigh have fun!
This will get you wherever you end up.
That behaviour will get you where it leads you.
As if it could be a bad thing.