Blue & Red

Looking for someone to cue. Doesn’t really matter who. Need someting else to do. Cause everyday I’ve got the pain, it resides in my brain. Won’t go away it doesn’t change, it’s the same it’s everyday. Except when there’s light instead, something alive something fed. A point in time where I taste a little piece of the bread. Voices in my head, some blue some are red, can’t say exactly what they said, what they meant. Voices in my head some alive some are dead. Solemnly swear my sole is bare, truth is that I don’t care. Old news that life isn’t fair, but this kind of cruelty is a dare. Except when someone says I’m someone, we’re friends. It gives me a feeling, a will I’m receiving to pull down the gloves for one more fight. Voices taking, voices breaking, voices taking my life. Taking all I’ve got to live for now.